Zero your optics for Airsoft guns


Zeroing your optics has always been a challenging task. Let us learn to zero the optics of airsoft rifle for sale without the need for firing a single round.

Step 1

You must know the effective range of your airsoft rifle for sale. It is the basic knowledge which you need while zeroing your optics. Then, you must decide the range at which you wish to zero. Term the zeroing distance as ‘D’. lay special focus on scopes, and red-dot sights. These must be properly leveled in the ring and must not be canted otherwise; the process becomes difficult.

Also, make sure you have the necessary things right by your side.

  • Measuring tool
  • A paper and a pen
  • Calculator
  • An Even wall
  • Tape
  • Laser bore sighter

Step 2

Remove the muzzle accessories to get a better view of the tip of the inner barrel to make proper measurements.

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The first thing which you will measure is the distance of the tip of the inner barrel to the wall and term this distance as ‘R’. The next thing to be measured is the distance from the center of the inner barrel and center of your optic to the extension of the inner barrel, measured vertically. Term this as ‘V’. the last thing to be measured is the horizontal distance from the tip of the inner barrel to the point where the center of optic coincides with the inner barrel’s extension or inner barrel and call this figure as ‘H’.

Step 3

Put the laser bore sighter into your barrel. Make sure that the compartment of the battery is on the top to get accurate zero.

Step 4

Turn on your optic first and dim it till the point the reticle is barely visible. Adjust the windage of the optic. Try to focus on the crosshairs or reticle with only one eye for a clearer view (or maybe both the eyes in case you are wearing a lens protector). Now, calculate the offsets for your vision which is termed as ‘O’.

To calculate your reticle offset, subtract D from R. The difference is called ‘A’.

Now, take H and add D and term the sum as ‘B’.

Divide A by B and multiply it with V.

The answer is your offset.                

Set the elevation of your optic by making finer adjustments and make sure that the field adjusts the hop-up.

airsoft rifle for sale

How is zeroing optics in airsoft useful?

Airsoft rifle for sale are not accurate if they aren’t zeroed properly. Accuracy is when your shot hits the target exactly where you have aimed. Zeroing delivers accuracy and helps you in aligning your barrel and optic.

The method helps in aligning the optic at the chosen distance. You do not need to get out of your house and you can use this method indoors at a distance of a few meters. The method does not involve wind and the place where your optic is mounted is does not play any role.