New to Yoga

New to Yoga? We love beginners! At My Yoga Studio, we bring you the best yoga instructors, and our studio is clean, warm, and supportive.

You will find a large array of types of classes for every style of yoga practice, and an extensive and diverse group of teacher’s some whom have been with us since we opened our doors ten years ago.  Here at My Yoga Studio we have set the standard and continue to raise the bar for quality yoga instruction in the area.  Come on in and give it a try! We are sure you will agree that MYS is a rare gem in the yoga world north of the city. 

Thinking of Taking a Hot Yoga Class?

If you are interested in attending hot yoga classes and are fairly new to hot yoga, we recommend that you try our Hot Yoga 1 class:  this class is a well rounded, medium paced hot yoga class that stretches, strengthens and tones the body from head to toe. You can expect that each teacher will present their own unique style of class, but the pace and difficulty level will keep you coming back to the mat.

If you feel like an absolute beginner and want to ease into this “yoga thing” a little more slowly, or you have an aversion the heat, then we suggest you try a combination of the following classes:

How to Prepare & What to Wear and Bring to Yoga Class

  • arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class time – latecomers are not permitted to class
  • arrive to class well nourished (you will need that energy), but avoid eating a heavy meal before you do yoga — it’s like swimming — eat 2 hours ahead, or you might feel queasy
  • arrive well hydrated drink plenty of water before class
  • wear relaxed clothing you feel comfortable getting sweaty in. Get pants that are stretchy enough for you to move in. Sweats are good. Make sure your shirt doesn’t fall over your head when you bend over.
  • yoga mat (rental mats are available at the studio)
  • reusable water bottle – filtered water is available to refill your reusable water bottle
  • 2 towels (rental towels are available at the studio)